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Annie Mac making an appearance behind the decks at Koko in Camden was always going to get the Roomie and I out on the town. I went for this oversized tee I got for Christmas and some basic hi tops as comfort is always key when fighting your way to the front of any rave!


LBD ...

Zara Dress & Boots - Ebay Clutch 

It's been a good while since the last post, and though i've been trying to keep pinterest and the old Insta page updated i've yet again fallen into the naughty blogger list. Between work & some personal things needing to be sorted the old blog has been neglected, but i've got a few outfits ready & lined up to be posted. I'm also in the middle of yet another wardrobe re-haul so do come follow me on Instagram!

This was just a simple LBD loo for a night out with the roomie. I added a bit of twist with some lace ankle socks and the oversized clutch, but didn't over accessorise as i wanted a really classic look. This dress fit amazingly, but was stolen from my cousin who tends to have fabulous pieces laying around her room. I do think that Zara are one of the best for classic/timeless items & have my next trip planned.

As always thanks for the patience with my lazy blogging behind, Roll on the next few weeks of updates galore. You'll soon be sick of me haha.



Let It Go ...

              Miss Selfridge Shirt - New Look Shorts 
A weekend filled with Business planning saw an alcohol free Saturday night. Instead we headed off for dinner and a trip to see Wolf Of Wall Street, which I can't stop raving about. For someone with the attention span of a child let loose in a sweet shop I loved all 3 hours of it!
This denim shirt is from Miss Selfridge and has a cute cut out back. I combined it with my New Look cut offs , thick tights and some ankle boots. Letting my inner cowboy out for the night.


2013 - The year that was...

Jumping on the old wagon & throwing out a post of most of the looks I rocked during 2013. As you can probably see from the below, I don't really have a 'look'. I tend to buy things if I like them and usually rock a trend about 4months after everyone has worn it to death, but then I'm a believer in the fact that you look best when you're comfortable. 

Work post Christmas break has been beyond a nightmare and so between that, throwing myself into the gym & personal ventures to get sorted it's more than a tad busy. But bear with, 2014 is set to be a busy old year on all things blog/Instagram :) 


Midnight Memories ...

Topman Denim Shirt - Topshop Tights - Missguided Leather Shorts - Glamorous Cami 
The build up the christmas 2013 has been a lot busier than i'd expected but with santa due in to drop off those pressies in a matter of days it's time to get the party hat on, & enjoy the last few drinks of 2013. What was meant to be a glass of wine turned into a full on night of shots, shots and erm more shots, whoops. With the weather taking a real turn for the worse it the tights came out to play. Patterned tights are a sure fire way to inject some life into an otherwise 'basic' look. These cute heart suspender tights are from Topshop & they do have a great selection which is worth a peak. 

Got a couple more posts lined up before 2014 kicks into gear, and this time i promise to actually press upload! Lots of festive love to you all! 



Snap Out Of It ...

Jumper : River Island - Trousers :Asos - Bag : Celine 
Lipstick : Collection2000 'Scorned'

My love for all things navy and goth'esque has near enough taken over my festive wishlists. Between the dark lipsticks on offer from various outlets all the way through to this particularly blue outfit , it's safe to say that 1 hue will be playing a large part in my look as we head into a new year. 
A printed trouser is for me a must have on any wardrobe and this piece from Asos is pretty much perfect. Teamed with the AW fav of the fluffly jumper and a certain handbag purchased by the aunty i was ready to face the 1st official festive weekend.